Our Services

1st Line Security Services specialise in the following

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Manned Guarding

Our manned guarding service is performed by highly trained, motivated officers.

We will work with you assess your needs and provide a detailed plan to handle all possible scenarios.

Our team will integrate seamlessly into yours ensuring a smooth, pleasant and secure working environment.

Key Holding

We will keep possession of the keys to your property and respond to callouts including alarm response and pre-planned attendance.

This services reduces the responsibility on your staff and avoids the issue of unexpected staff keyholder unavailability.

You will also get the benefit of detailed access reports and potential security holes being highlighted and remedied.

CCTV Monitoring

Our highly trained operatives are able to remotely monitor your site and operate our specialised software to employ sophisticated anti-intrusion measures .

Our system is compatible with the vast majority of CCTV solutions on the market with any upgrades required often being minor and inexpensive.

Mobile Patrol

We can arrange for mobile patrol units to visit your premises at regular intervals to ensure compliance with security and safety measures.

This service is available at all hours. Our dedicated officers will work according to your schedule.